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Sky Gazing

01 December 2016

Sky Gazing

Mick Chillage

“If the last twelve months have left you feeling a bit confused with all the political madness both sides of the pond, there’s one things that’s necessary in order to help you through it all. That’s right, the steady and constant truth that is Touched Music.

It’s not all doom & gloom, oh no. This year saw the label hit £50,000 raised for Macmillan Cancer Support and to help us continue forth the latest and final release of 2016 comes from Dublin’s very own Mick Chillage.

“Sky Gazing” is worthy of repeat audition, doing so will allow you to scrape away at the upper layer of staple chill, ambient & downtempo beats, revealing new beauty which appears each time round.

The EP opens with a feeling truly like ‘Ageispolis’, almost fooling you into thinking this is going to be a simple affair. What follows is remarkable work, including a thirteen-minute rendition you could really watch the
clouds to, rolling undertones paired with moody, low acid-squelches, lovely hi-hats, and even a funky & trippy penultimate piece in the form of ‘Fusion Intrusion’.

The final track really feels final and demonstrates how fantastically produced the whole thing is. All the tracks manage to emulate each other but no two truly sound the same, establishing a real flow that will draw you in and put this one straight onto repeat."

Words By Alexander Shum

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